LSM xapi assessment builder

Create Assessments

Either; import 3rd party quiz packages or, use the built in quiz maker to create augmented online assessment with real learning outcomes.  This includes multiple choice, drag and drop, true false, multi select, free text, assignment upload or video assessment.

Create assessments including:

Third party quiz packages are usually fairly basic auto marked and the LMS does not capture every attempt (SCORM).  You can import these packages but Enrolo will only record a completion status for the entire quiz.

To capture better assessment records such as the details of every quiz attempt, number of lockouts,  and trainer feedback (XAPI) you should use the Enrolo quiz builder including:

Check your progress:

  • True / False
  • Fill in the gap
  • Drag and drop
  • Re order
  • Multi select
  • Numerical entry
  • Free text


  • Free text essay auto marking

Video Assessment:

  • Capture video of demonstration of skills

File Upload

  • Require that a file is uploaded for assessment purposes

Enrolo 360 makes every aspect of e‑learning more effective while being simpler, faster, and less expensive